Ty Dolla Sign Returns with New Single & Video ‘Motion’: Watch

Ty Dolla Sign had taken a bit of a hiatus these last few months where he didn’t really hear any new solo music.

But looks like he’s back in action with the release of a brand new single called ‘Motion’. It has an upbeat vibe, something which feels very Summer-ready. “I had to give y’all something fun, something to dance to, something for the summertime! I’m just getting started,” Ty says.

The Will Larsen and Stryv produced song is accompanied by an official music video directed by Alex Bittan which you can watch below. ‘Motion’ is the first single off the LA musician’s forthcoming new EP due out this Summer.

[embedded content]

Ty also tells Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that he has plenty of new music coming. “I got an EP ready, I got a mixtape ready, I got an album ready, I got another type of genre album ready. I’m ready, so now it’s about spacing it out and properly timing everything the right way. I’ll be dropping hella new music and I’m excited for it.”

During the interview, he also shared his thoughts on AI technology. “I know it’s coming and I’ve played with a couple of those little AI things. One of the homies created one and we got to just sit there and watch him make a whole song in two minutes. He’s like, “Watch this.” He goes through some melodies, picks one. Changes the bass sound, changes a lead sound. Goes through some drums, changes a couple sounds, bam, you got the beat. Then he’s like, “All right, I want it to be a song about da, da, da and I wanted to be inspired by this person.” Got the lyrics. Then he can’t even sing, he just hums whatever into the thing, presses some different effects. One of the effects was a T-Pain effect. This effect, this effect, gets the vocal sounding right. Then goes to another screen, does a cover like he’s going to drop a cover for the song while the song is still playing. Bam, you got the whole project. I think the song that the AI came up with was trash and we’ll murder them any day, but it’s definitely coming, man. I feel like people are always just trying to come up with something to make life easier.”