Tierra Whack Shows Us The “Magic Of Mini” In New Apple Ad

Aside from the Super Bowl and other major sporting events, companies spend a bulk of their advertising budget on the holiday shopping season. Artist, Tierra Whack delivers in Apple HomePod Mini advertisement just in time for the holidays and Black Friday deals across the country. The Philly rapper shares her commercial debut with Apple on Instagram with a simple caption, “’The magic of mini’ is out now! Go watch it because you love me. !❤🥺 Happy holidays from @apple @calmatic , and WHACK!”

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Whack links with LA filmmaker, Calmatic for this special holiday promotion for Apple’s latest product. The visual features Tierra Whack who is searching for her holiday spirit. The commercial shows the young artist walking as she puts in her Apple airpods and begins to listen to her song “Feel Good.”

“Why would I lie and say that I feel good when I don’t feel good?” The song continues to play as she strolls down the wintery city streets, bypassing a string of decorative lights and wrapping a rather enormous grey knitted scarf around her face as it drags behind her.

As soon as she arrives at her home, we finally see her talking to Apple’s newest 360-degree speaker that apparently delivers an unexpectedly massive sound for a speaker of its size. She is heard asking Siri to “turn it all the way up.” The speaker goes from a large home speaker to the small 3.3 inches tall HomePod mini that virtually takes up little space in the room. Apple markets the speaker as a small speaker that packs a large sound from each angle with its 360-degree audio innovation.

A mini Tierra appears to accompany the speaker and finish her song “Feel Good,” which lyrics matched perfectly with this fun holiday storyline. The young lyricist has always had a way with visuals. Fans saw that with her debut album, Whack World, which had a mini video to coincide with each song. The bite sized Whack blessed a once saddened average-sized Tierra Whack with the “magic of mini.”

Tierra transformed into a much cooler Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland with the gold fronts and sparkly lashes. The looks were vibrant thereafter and Whack sold the magic discovered in the Apple HomePod by being herself. It is delightful to see an artist using such raw and genuine creativity to push the envelope with large brands like what we have seen here with Apple. There are no bounds in today’s world of marketing as all industries from music to technology intersect with one another.

Comparable to Google Home or Amazon Echo, Apple hopped in the game with its own home speaker, HomePod, in 2018. The Apple HomePod series of speakers are useful in helping with everyday tasks, controlling your smart home, setting up multi-room audio and even, sending Intercom messages to each room. The company pushes the privacy and security of the device noting that the HomePod only responds for “Hey Siri” unlike the reviews detail from other home speaker devices.

Our phones have been tapping into our conversations since the second Bush presidency, so privacy and security probably isn’t the focal selling point. However, the device seems like a convenient gift for the holidays and Tierra Whack was the topper on the Christmas pine tree influencing a generation of young people who may actually consider purchasing after watching this entertaining advertisement. Go Whack, go!