Tierra Whack Debuts Her Third EP This Month ‘R&B?’ With An Emotional Visual For “Heaven”

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Tierra Whack R&B EP

Source: UMG / UMG

Grammy-nominated artist Tierra Whack continues her 2021 EP series debuting her third EP, R&B?, this month.

Tierra Whack is a multi-hyphenate rapper, singer, songwriter, and poet who keeps us entertained through her music and comedic antics on social media. The Philly artist dropped a three-song EP today (Dec. 16) including singles “Heaven,” “Cutting Onions,” and “Sorry.” The EP boasts production from Tierra’s recurrent collaborator J Melodic, who is best known for his work with Pink Sweat$.

The pair were recently profiled by NPR for the second season of “The Formula,” which allows up and coming artists and producers to dissect their songs in an intimate conversation.

R&B? is the third installment of Tierra’s 2021 EP series, following Rap? and Pop? earlier this month. Both EPs continued to spotlight Tierra’s captivating storytelling style and creativity. Alongside being featured on several publications like Teen Vogue, NPR, and Rolling Stone highlighting her impressive catalogue, she is also featured on the cover of “New Music Daily” on Apple Music.

Whack’s latest EP R&B? includes her newest music video for “Heaven,” directed by Alex Lill. The short 3-minute video takes fans through an emotional quest to a place that holds her favorite people – heaven.

Tierra Whack R&B EP

Source: UMG / UMG

Tierra also launched her first collaboration with Vans on Dec. 3 in the process of debuting her 2021 EP series.


Alongside the iconic sneaker and apparel giant with a usual focus on skateboard culture, Tierra and her stylist Shirley Kurata curated a 1980s-inspired collection that reflects Tierra’s unique approach to music and fashion, described as a “mélange of colors, shapes, patterns, and phrases that explores limitless creativity.” Each piece also bears a signature mantra: “Weird Hype And Creative Kids” (“WHACK” for short).

Be sure to stream Tierra Whack’s latest EP R&B? and watch the visual for “Heaven” below.