This Black History Month Playlist Will Have You Feeling Proud And Lit At The Same Time

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Even though most of us celebrate being Black all day, every day — tis’ the season to honor our people publicly and unapologetically. It’s officially Black History Month, the 28 days out of the year when the entire country realizes Black people invented everything useful in the world, contributed to society in the most important ways, and are the reason for all the seasons.  This month is a month of pride, accomplishment, and endless celebrations of our culture.

And what’s a Black celebration without good music? Black people have contributed to music and entertainment in the most significant ways. We have been the blueprint for all genres, including blues, pop and rock & roll. We have dominated the charts as singers, rappers and producers and we are the curators of all things cool.

If that’s not enough, we’re dropping the best Black Power anthems the world has ever heard. Hit the flip for some tunes that’ll have you feeling proud, woke and wanting to two-step at the same time. Hit the flip.

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