Stream Nazanin’s New Single ‘Red Light’

Nazanin, a NYC-based singer and songwriter hyped us with her latest release called ‘Red Light.’ The new single is a follow up to her debut titled ‘Infatuation’ (stream here), and represents her unique pop vibe. 

In her latest interview with Intersect Magazine, Nazanin shared the story that inspired her to write the single: 

I was seeing someone once I knew wasn’t for me in a lot of ways, so I ended it despite liking him to some extent. He was a jerk and f*ckboy — but this song wasn’t necessarily about him, but a concept — I didn’t want my heart to end up overruling my brain and get hurt in the end (even if I was the one who didn’t view him seriously, to begin with).

My message to fans is to know yourself, trust your intuition, be strong, and maintain your dignity. When you love yourself and know you’re a dope person, you don’t entertain anything or anyone less than. And I do not mean that from a point of cockiness or pride — just from a point of confidence, authenticity, and self-respect which are notions I definitely want my fans to take away.

Nazanin is about to drop several singles this summer, so make sure you follow her on Instagram to stay up-to-date with her new releases!