Sounds About White: Billboard’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ Decade List Proves That White Privilege Is Alive & Well 

You’d think that by the eve of a whole new decade, we as a country would have evolved past the evident promotion of White Women while simultaneously neglecting the advancement of women of color.

But nope, we’re not. On Tuesday, Billboard made headlines after a list showcasing their “Woman Of The Year” covers of the past decade made its rounds on the Internet. (Un)surprisingly, the list was too vanilla to be true. Like literally, from 2010 to today — every entertainer to make woman of the year has been White.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like the past ten years have been full of Black women and women of color kicking a** and taking names in the music industry.

But apparently Billboard doesn’t think so. Some folks say it’s all about numbers and charts…

While others feel that it’s blatant disrespect to Black women, Latinx women and other women of color of who’ve made an impact on the game in the past 10 years.

Numbers or not, Billboard and other media outlets like it have to take into consideration the message that it sends young girls when only White Women are chosen for something as simple as Woman Of The Year. Throughout the entire history of America, the narrative has been that White women are the best, the most attractive and will always come in first place — coming only second to a White female peer.

So folks that feel a way about the “White Is Right” list have every right to. And for those who don’t get it, it may be time to check your privilege. It’s showing.