Saweetie Talks Best Female Rap Bars EVER, Binge-Watching ‘Insecure’ After A Breakup, & More With Issa Rae

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Saweetie and Issa Rae have become fast friends and may even team up on a cooking show in the near future.

The “Back To The Streets” rapper hit up Issa’s Raedio Show, where she explained what prompted her to send Issa one of her Valentine’s Day gift boxes. Saweetie confessed she has an emotional connection to Issa, revealing she started watching Insecure while she was going through a hard breakup. Throughout their conversation, Saweetie also dishes on working with other female rappers, perceived beef, the best rap bar in history (an accomplishment she says goes to Lil Kim), not being proud of her earlier music, and more.

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“I was going through a really bad break up, not a bad breakup, but I just felt like sh*t. So, I literally binge watched Game of Thrones and Insecure to get my mind off of what was happening. So, I was a little late to the game, so I was able to binge watch two seasons back to back at that time. So, it’s like the characters, the plot, y’all just took my mind off of what was going on. So, thank you,” Saweetie told Issa of her breakup, adding later “I can’t wait for the next season, girl. We be binge-watching it, talking sh*t… Insecure is an experience. You have to watch it with your homegirls or your friends. You have to. It just makes the show that much better. So, every time I watch it I’m with my cousins and my homegirls.”

Tune into their fun and sweet chat below!