Russ Announces Release Date for New Album ‘SANTIAGO’; Reveals Artwork

After teasing it for a few months, Russ has formally announced his new album SANTIAGO that hits stores Aug. 18.

The Atlanta based rapper and singer also revealed the cover for the project and wrote a detailed note about the inspiration behind it.

“This album represents my mental, spiritual, physical and emotional journey to my treasure (I talk more about what my treasure is on the album but it’s symbolized by the pyramid). The journey at times wasn’t and isn’t pretty. I’ve put myself through the ringer and beat myself up quite a bit along the way. The front cover depicts externally what that sort of psychological warfare looks like,” Russ said.

“The back cover depicts the internal dynamics at play. Myself, my inner child and my shadow. It’s a battle vs myself at all times and I had to do a lot of self excavation to make this album,” he continued, adding that the album in both digital and vinyl formats are up for pre-order now.

“I’m really excited. I’m really nervous. SANTIAGO is my journey to self love & self mastery while touching on the obstacles that have provided resistance along the way…feelings of emptiness, inadequacy, imposter syndrome, doubt, anger, shame (to name a few) and ultimately issues from my childhood that have shown up in my adult life. It’s my attempt to understand, navigate and heal. It’s the most vulnerable music I’ve ever made and I had to do a lot of excavating to make it. I hope that by listening to me face my own emotions, you all gain the courage to face your own. It was a confronting experience and I hope it resonates with people who are trying to navigate the obstacles on their own journey because as Paulo Coelho said, “one man’s journey is every man’s journey.”

Last month, Russ released his CHOMP 2.5 project with production from Boi-1da, Alchemist, Havoc, 9th Wonder and more.