Press Play: The Weeknd Continues His Bloody Saga You Can’t Look Away From With New Short Film

If you haven’t been keeping up with The Weeknd‘s visuals for his upcoming album “After Hours”, you’re missing out on a bloody saga that’s slightly confusing, but hard to stay away from.

The saga first began with his music video for the song “Heartless” which took place at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and features The Weeknd and his producer Metro Boomin getting high as a kite while exploring gambling tables and Las Vegas streets.


The next visuals were for the music video “Blinding Lights” and it featured more images of The Weeknd appearing to be high, only this time he’s speeding through Vegas in a car. At one point, he also pursues a singer in a lounge only to be beaten up by what appears to be hotel security, ending the video in a bloody mess.


After the “Blinding Lights” video was released, The Weeknd then performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live while still in the same bloody mess he was left in.


Now, the pop star has released the short film “After Hours” and it starts at the ending of his Jimmy Kimmel Live performance. The Weeknd waves and smiles at the audience as they applause him, then he leaves the stage.

That’s when things get strange.

He moves through the back hallways of the studio (still bloody) and eventually makes it to the New York City subway. Then, he appears to be dragged through the subway platforms by some unknown force. The video ends with him in an elevator in which two couples enter. The next thing that happens is…scary and confusing to say the least.

Check out the clip for yourself below as The Weeknd continues to take us on a trip that’s continually puzzling but that’s hard to shake.