Muni Long Shares the Real Meaning of Champagne Showers From Her Hit Single “Hrs and Hrs” [Video]

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Muni Long shares the meaning behind some of her lyrics in a recent interview with trending podcast host Mona on her “Don’t Call Me White Girl” show. The singer and songwriter clears up one particular line referring to “champagne showers” in her massive hit “Hrs and Hrs” and it is not what you would have expected.

The top Billboard-charting single has given Muni Long the long-awaited stardom she deserves after writing several platinum hits for other artists. Her songwriting capabilities are astounding, especially considering what she told Mona on a recent episode of her “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast. The popular podcast host, comedian and social media personality shared a clip featuring Muni Long from a segment called “Breakbeat” on the latest episode.

The particular lyrics in question are from the catchy melodic hook fans know and love.

Yours, mine, ours

I could do this for hours

Sit and talk to you for hours

I wanna give you your flowers

And some champagne showers

When asked what champagne showers meant, Muni responds, “My interpretation… when you doing a toast you know how we bless the bottle [and] jack it off a bit. So clearly it has something to do with the male organ right.” She adds while attempting a small demonstration to the camera, “I’m trying to be respectful.”

The hilarious Mona has no problem clarifying what the singer is referring to for the listeners who aren’t watching the video.

“I’ll do it its like,” Mona adds with gargling sounds. “Sucking a dick.”

Muni Long adds that champagne isn’t the only thing that bubbles. “Ot’s like bubbles and it’s dripping a little bit,” Muni Long said in the clip, going on to add, “Right before you throw up, gag.”

Mona responds, “bubbles…she kinky y’all.”

The “Hrs and Hrs” star then adds, “I’m married,” to confirm her sexual desires are just.

“That’s who you supposed to be giving bubbles to,” Mona responds.

Muni Long gives a bit of advice about who you give champagne showers to, saying, “You don’t give champagne showers to everyone. That is not for everyone.”

“I gave too many out,” Mona closes out the clip. “But we can talk about that too when we do our therapy thing.”

Watch the full clip below.