Missed It? Tune Into Brandy & Monica’s Record-Breaking ‘VERZUZ’ Here

Monica and Brandy broke Verzuz records last night, as the two went head-to-head in a battle of their most coveted hits.

As most ’90s kids know, the R&B queens have been beefing for quite some time — so, it was a real treat to see the ladies sitting side-by-side, addressing their issues, and doing it big for the culture. Sustaining a viewership of more than 1 million people for the duration of their battle, Monica said live (~29:34 mark):

“I wanted to speak to you face to face. I feel like the more we’re talked about, the more it led it to be difficult — unnecessarily – and I really, really am a straight shooter and I really do admire what you’ve done musically and what you also had to endure personally.” Brandy returned the love, adding … “I just need you to know that I have the utmost love and respect for you as well, no matter the times where it seemed like I didn’t. For somebody to start at 12 years old… that’s different.”

If you missed the legendary Verzuz, tune in below. Be sure to let us know who you think takes home the win!