Meek Mentality: 14 Lines From ‘Championships’ That Made You Say ‘I Felt That’

Just three years ago, everybody and their mama had something negative to say about Meek Mill. He was dating Nicki Minaj (who was America’s Hip Hop Sweetheart at the time) and sparked an infamous beef with Drake, who also happened to be a beloved jewel to the masses — which made folks want to cancel the Philly bul altogether.

But after being arrested last year and spending 8 months away in prison, people’s hearts grew fonder for Meek and what he brings to the game. With folks like Jay-Z supporting him, it was easy for former haters to jump on the “free Meek” bandwagon.

Now the Dreamchasers CEO is free, with a whole new lease on life — and his 2018 album Championships is a direct reflection of that. Without being too preachy, Meek still manages to spit some truths about the state of his city, the country and surviving as a Black man in this world in general.   There are few songs here and there when he talks about his money, h**s and watches — but not in his usual braggadocios way. This is Meek Mill all grown up.

Hit the flip to check out all the lines on Championships that will have you saying “I felt that.”

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