Life On The Spectrum: These Celebs And Their Kids Are Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month [Gallery]

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Autism Acceptance Month, formerly known as Autism Awareness Month, is recognized in the month of April and it aims to celebrate and promote acceptance for the condition that occurs in one in every 54 children as of 2020 in the US. Many celebrities have opened up about their children, who fall within the spectrum. We created a gallery to celebrate them.

Autism is a complex developmental condition affecting the person’s ability to interact, communicate, and progress. It has many subtypes, which is why there is a spectrum one may fall under.  Autism Acceptance Month was first held in the year 1972 by the Autism Society, emphasizing the need for public awareness to promote acceptance, celebrate the differences, and be more inclusive towards autistic individuals around us.

The autism diagnosis rate is increasing, so it is vital that we take these 30 days to celebrate the differences, learn more about the effects and empower our autistic community.

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a brain developmental disorder caused by genetic mutation and sometimes, by environmental triggers. Although the autism spectrum is vast, some of the common signs in autistic individuals are repetitive behaviors, hyperactivity, and extreme sensitivity to light, touch, and sound.

Is there A Cure?

While there is no absolute cure for autism, therapies and medication can help reduce abnormal behavior and the onset of related symptoms such as seizures.

How to observe Autism Acceptance Month?

  1. Find and participate in local groups activities: There are many events lined by local autism awareness organizations in your city. Reach out to one of the local groups, get a timetable of the events planned for the month, and make sure you bring along your children to participate. These can range from fundraisers to Awareness Walks.
  2. Read books focused on autism to your children: The key mission of Autism Acceptance Month is to educate the new generation in fostering acceptance and kindness towards the autistic community. “Ella Autie,” a story of a 4th grader battling society with autism is a great way to educate your kids during this month and start important conversations.
  3. Donate to Autism Awareness Organizations: Make it a goal to donate as much as you can to your local Autism Awareness Organizations or the Autism Society of America to further their efforts and encourage their unrelenting support for the community.

Check out a gallery of celebrities who have autistic children below:

1. Holly Robinson Peete & Son Rodney, Jr.


Holly Robinson Peete has talked about her journey to accepting her son Rodney, Jr’s condition. She has dedicated her life’s philanthropic work to advocating for children and families impacted by autism. 

2. Toni Braxton & Son Diesel

Toni Braxton Film's


Toni Braxton has been vocal about her son Diesel’s struggles with autism. She has been very active in raising awareness and continuing to support her son. 

3. Shawn Stockman’s Benefit Concert For His Son Micah

Micah's Voice Presents Back In The Day 2nd Annual Benefit Concert


Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman created a benefit concert for his son Micah called “Micah’s Voice” to help raise awareness around autism. 

4. Duane And Tisha Campbell Martin Host Autism Benefit For Son Xen & Other Children With Autism

Duane And Tisha Campbell Martin Host Benefit For Children With Autism - Arrivals


Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin have been open about their son’s condition. Ever since her 12-year-old son Xen was diagnosed, Campbell-Martin and ex-husband Duane Martin have dedicated their lives to helping raise awareness and tolerance about the disorder.

5. D.L. Hughley’s Son Kyle Has Asperger’s


D.L. Hughley has been moved to tears speaking of his son’s condition with Asperger’s. He bravely talks about the challenges he’s faced raising his eldest child Kyle, who is now well into adulthood. 

6. John Travolta, Kelly Preston & Their Late Son Jett

John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Son Jett


Travolta’s eldest son Jett passed away at the age of 16  in 2009 due to a history of seizures. While vacationing, Jett experienced another seizure where he hit his head on the bathtub, which caused his unforeseen death. 

7. Sylvester Stallone Celebrates His Son Seargeoh

3rd Annual Ruth Bader Ginsburg Woman Of Leadership Award


Seargeoh Stallone was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. It all started when Seargeoh began to show signs of autism after posing for the cover page of People magazine, along with his father.