Judge in Young Thug RICO Case Rules That Rap Lyrics Can Be Used Against Rapper

A judge in the YSL and Young Thug RCIO case has ruled that lyrics from his rap songs can be used as evidence.

17 sets of rap lyrics that prosecutors can use as evidence in the gang trial against Young Thug and his accused collaborators were provisionally permitted by Judge Ural Glanville. The judge agreed that in order to use them, prosecutors must first lay the groundwork.

Glanville’s ruling comes after hours of arguments from both sides on Wednesday, reports WSBTV.

Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel argued that the rapper’s lyrics are art. ″They’re targeting the right to free speech,” said Steel but the prosecutors of course believe the lyrics are much more.

“Your honor, someone can look at that indictment and say one thing’s for sure, that’s not fantasy, people are dead and murdered and a gang exist,” said Mike Carlson, prosecutor.