Jim Jones Responds to Pusha T Using Same Beat: Watch


Jim Jones has responded to Pusha T’s diss.

Pusha T dissed him on an unreleased song that premiered during Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton Fashion Show. Some say that it’s actually a Clipse song but there is no confirmation on it yet. On Saturday, a clip surfaced on the internet where Jim was rapping a verse on the mic wile standing on the block where he’s taking shots at Pusha T.

Now the full “from the block” performance of the song has been released on YouTube where the Dipset rapper is performing on the same beat. Capo calls Pusha’s diss trash by rapping “That shit was trash we gonna let them get a do over/They got you gassed, they must think you’re the new Hova/You a 4.0, n*gga, I jumped in the new rover/Your brother still jumping on the bed, tell him ‘Move over.’”

[embedded content]

“Don’t talk about my jewels that was a cheap shot/These is all VVSs this ain’t the cheap rock/I don’t know if you’re a rapper, I should treat you like a street op,” he contines later. Watch it above.