J. Prince Tells NBA YoungBoy To Stop Beefing With Drake

J. Prince has issued a warning to NBA YoungBoy to end whatever beef he has with Drake, referring to the Toronto superstar as “my son.”

Last week, NBA YoungBoy took aim at the Rap-A-Lot Records founder and Birdman as well as Drake on the song ‘F*ck the Industry Pt. 2′, lifted from his new album, Richest Opp.

J. Prince took to Instagram on Wednesday (May 17) to address the instance. He shared a photo of himself alongside Birdman and NBA YoungBoy with his typical pose, accompanied by a lengthy caption.

“As you all can see, I had a good time kicking it with the homies in Utah,” he began. “On behalf of the Lil Homie YB, me and my brother Birdman were able to have a real conversation face to face.” He continued, “I must address the song where my name and drakes name were mentioned.”

On the song, YoungBoy had rapped:

“Talked to Drake ‘cross Facetime, he wasn’t feeling me
Told me that he f*ck with Durk, damn that sh*t getting to me
Told me that he like the sh*t I’m doing but can’t do sh*t with me”
So when we cross our ways, f*ck what you say, b*tch you my enemy”

J. Prince says he has tried to sort the matters in a peaceful way. “To the lil homie, as I said to you privately, I say to you publicly that Drake is my son, he roll with me. Therefore, I think it’s a good idea to take him off your enemy list,” J Prince continued. “Because the truth of the matter is that we got nothing but love for Durk and your accomplishments. When I put Drake on that facetime call with you, my intent was for y’all to move forward, not backwards. Two things we get every day is a chance and a choice. The choices we make determine our destination.”