Issa Wrap: 12 Songs That Totally Epitomized The 2010s

As crazy as it sounds, we’ve officially survived another decade, folks.

Most millennials can agree that the year 2000 feels more like 10 years ago than 20! There’s even an entire reddit chain dedicated to the interesting fact that while the 80’s and 90s felt like two separate decades, 2000-2019 feels like one big one.

Thanks to the technological advancements of the last 20 years, we got to see so much shift and change right before our eyes — especially when it comes to music. Instead of picking up where the autotune era of 2009 left off, 2010 ushered in a brand new, refreshing mix of nostalgic R&B, poppish hip hop and every version of a club anthem you can think of.

In  honor of coming up on the dawn of a new era of entertainment, culture and life, we put together a list of songs that totally epitomize the decade of change, pride, awareness and growth.  So long 2010’s! We’ll never forget the timeless tunes that made you, and in turn made us. Hit the flip to check them out.

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