ICYMI: Kirk Franklin NAILS Viral Omarion Dance Challenge [Video]

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Kirk Franklin

Source: Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell / Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell

The Omarion challenge is taking over the Internet. Everyone is throwing on their long red coats and taking a stab at Omarion’s viral choreography. We’re most impressed by gospel superstar and Plies’ doppelgänger Kirk Franklin’s epic rendition.

There were several social media stars who took advantage of the this video that went viral of Omarion doing what he does best — dancing. So much that he had to join in on the challenge and run it back with his friends.

Social media personality and dancer Yung BBQ also nailed it with the fit to match. One thing about Yung BBQ is that she is a stickler for details.

There were countless other videos to swarm social media last week including a few Halloween themed Omarion dance challenges as we prepare for the spookiest season of the year. Here’s a video of O’Meyerian:

None of these match up to the goat of Gospel music, Kirk Franklin’s rendition of the challenge. Franklin is joined by a choir (of course) as he nails the routine.

Did anyone else know that the gospel singer and songwriter had moves like this?

Fans were pleased by the choir director’s precise moves, phenomenal production, and overall epic performance. Fans shared their hilarious reactions online.

The question is: Can you top it?

If anyone else plans on taking on the challenge, the bar is now extremely high thanks to Kirk Franklin. The requirements to participate are far beyond a red peacoat and Timbaland boots. Be sure you are accompanied by a soulful choir and a specially curated audience to watch you star in the viral challenge.