ICMYI: Ludacris Talks Nelly ‘Verzuz’ Battle, Shading R. Kelly In New Song, & More [Video]

Ludacris arrives at 'The Road to F9' Global Fan Extravaganza, launching all new trailer for ninth chapter in the Fast & Furious franchise in Miami, Florida on January 31, 2020 /n© Rolando Rodriguez/jpistudios.com

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Swizz Beatz and Timbaland are building a platform that, in a very short amount of time, has already started to make history.

If you haven’t tuned in, Verzuz is an Instagram Live series that sees the biggest and baddest names in Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul going head-to-head, hit-for-hit. Most recently, we watched as Ludacris and Nelly reminded fans of the stamp they put on rap — and although there were many, many technical difficulties on Nelly’s part, there were just as many moments to remember.

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ICYMI, Luda sat for a quarantine-friendly interview with V-103’s Big Tigger and opened up about the battle, how he felt about nearly having to postpone due to Nelly’s poor wifi signal, and how he wants to be remembered.

Not one to mince words, Luda also discussed the “Silence of the Lambs” single he premiered during the battle, in which he shaded the crap out of R. Kelly and more. Highlights below, plus the full interview.

On Nearly Having To Postpone The Battle:

“I was so excited that I just did not want to have to postpone it. It would’ve killed me if we had to stop that…cause I was so amped up and I was so hyped and I was just so happy to be in that opportunity, and it was, like, we got everybody here, let’s give them what they came to see.”

On Bonding With Nelly:

“I loved the opportunity for the both of us to give each other the compliments that we’ve always wanted to on a world stage. ‘Cause I was just telling somebody not too long ago, in the world of rap, it’s an instinct to always have our guard up and to never let it down because somebody might use that against you. I think it was one of those opportunities where we were just able to just show each other that love of all these different times, all the different music and the songs, that’s really what I walked away from. I was so glad to be able to do that.”

On his song “Silence of the Lambs:”

“If people think the first verse of that song (“Silence of the Lambs”) is explosive, we didn’t play the second verse. And I guarantee you, it’s gonna provoke a lot of conversation and a lot of thought as well.”