GGPremiere: Note Marcato Unleashes His New Music Video For “Rafiki” [VIDEO]

Creativity is king when it comes to content and buzzing artist and producer Note Marcato has been projecting a vision unlike anything else in the game. Global Grind is excited to premiere the video for Note Marcato’s single debut for “Rafiki” today. Get it HERE via Epic Records.

On Monday, Note Marcato took to Instagram to post the trailer to announce his debut album “BeachBum Limbo” will arrive October 2nd, 2020. With the trailer’s unveiling, he’s also partnering with Global Grind to release the music video for “Rafiki”. Check it out below:

What do you think? Definitely different, right? What do you think about his use of face paint?

If you have been following Note Marcato’s journey, he paved the way for the project with the buzzing single “Blackheart 39.” Now, “Rafiki” his second single brings us closer of his forthcoming album BeachBum Limbo. Executive produced by BL$$D, the project features production by G Koop (Rihanna, Migos) and Soundz (Justin Bieber), with guest vocals from Anatti, Nelson Mandela’s grandson, among others. Ten of the tracks were produced by Note Marcato.

About Note Marcato:

The 19-year-old producer and songwriter takes his name from the Italian representation of the 3-4 music note, which is intended to be played the loudest. The New York University Clive Davis Institute pupil is set to debut his EP BeachBum Limbo on Epic Records next month. Inspired by blue skies and warm tides, BeachBum Limbo is an oceanic body of sound that offers waves of colorful vibes and emotions and possesses an urgency reflective of Note Marcato’s age. “I make music as if I’m trying to save the world,” says Note Marcato, whose modus operandi is to break the rules and create tomorrow.

“Normally your Marcato is the climax of a song or parts of it,” he says. “So I wanted to try and make an entire album where every song is Marcato.”