From ‘Nothin 2 Somethin’: HAYZ’s Impressive Musical Transformation


HAYZ ’s journey from obscurity to the limelight is encapsulated in his powerful album, ‘Nothin 2 Somethin.’ This collection of hard-hitting rap tracks is a narrative of his life’s struggles and triumphs. With a fusion of heavy 808s, trap drums, and mainstream appeal, the record symbolizes his transition from his turbulent past to his current success. The LP is an open invitation to his fans, offering a glimpse into his personal journey while setting the stage for future musical explorations.

As HAYZ gazes into the horizon, he teases fans with hints of mystery and excitement for his upcoming releases. His commitment to embracing new challenges and the thrill of sharing his evolving music across various cities signals a vision far beyond transient success. 

HAYZ aspires to make a lasting imprint in the music industry, akin to Canadian legends like Drake. His tracks “Las Vegas”  and  “No Way,” featuring Qwiss, are reflective of his journey from hardships to victories, blending personal anecdotes with universal themes of resilience. 

With an upcoming album slated for release in the early months of next year, HAYZ is crafting a legacy – a voice for a generation and the pulse of a transforming musical landscape. With his ever-growing popularity and distinctive sound, he is poised to become an international phenomenon. 

His music resonates with audiences worldwide, transcending cultural and geographical barriers. As he prepares for new tours and collaborations, HAYZ is not only elevating his profile but also bringing a unique Canadian flavor to the global stage. His future projects are eagerly anticipated, promising to blend his authentic style with diverse influences, further cementing his position as a trailblazer in the industry.

Listen to the full LP below: