Fans React To Anderson .Paak's Crazy Family Story On Twitter

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Artist Anderson .Paak’s family story is a wild ride. One Twitter user posted the details in a now deleted thread, which has caused fans to react. Some social media users are hoping for the HBO limited series. While other users better understand his need for privacy and his alleged drug use. Check out some of the fan reactions that have Anderson .Paak trending inside.

The story of Anderson .Paak’s family will shock you. Anderson remains private around family matters. We rarely see his son, Soul Rasheed, unless Anderson posts him performing around the house or he joins him for a special red carpet event.

Recently, Paak has been making his rounds on social media with Bruno Mars as they tour as the duo, Silk Sonic. The Oxnard artist has gone viral for his event antics and the Edna Mode wig he shakes from the left to the right. Many fans are saying his recent behaviors are a result of his cocaine addiction, which we can’t prove to be true. However, once you read his family story, a bout with addiction doesn’t sound too far off.

In case you missed the turmoil on Twitter, here is a brief recap:

  • Paak’s father was a twin, the father and his twin would switch places occasionally (literally for no reason). The father married Paak’s mom, Brenda, and later became addicted to drugs.

  • The family assumed he was in jail due to his battles with drugs. Until one day, he attacked Brenda while Anderson watched. The person in jail was the actually his twin. The father returned after Brenda remarried.

  • Dad was arrested when they found out it was the twin serving his sentence.

  • Paak’s mom had been making millions selling strawberries with her new husband, but they later went bankrupt. The two were sent to prison for fraud.

Fans truly don’t know the half. The heartbreaking story has definitely allowed us to extend Anderson more grace. Check out the full story on Andscape here.

Not sure if his family’s story has him trending on Twitter or if it’s his upcoming song with Chris Brown, but we are here to give Anderson .Paak his flowers. Here’s a collection of our favorite reactions surrounding the story below:

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