Fan Reactions: Everyone Seems To Be Happy For Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Return Except Kelis

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Beyoncé’s back! Act I of her trilogy album Renaissance is out now. The world is streaming and tweeting their reactions since it debuted at midnight. Check out what fans are saying inside.

Renaissance is the seventh studio album by the beloved singer, released on July 29. It is her first solo project since Lemonade and serves as the first “act” of a trilogy project. The album is equipped for the dance floor. Fans and artists alike are impressed that Beyoncé included dance music and drag legends like Kevin Aviance, Big Freedia and more.

The only person who is not pleased by Beyoncé’s latest drop is artist Kelis, who claims that she was never contacted to clear a record included on the album. Kelis even accused Beyoncé and producer Pharrell Williams of theft.

The song she’s referring to is one of Kelis’ most popular records, “Milkshake,” which was interpolated on the bass-hitting fifth track “Energy,” featuring Jamaican-American rapper and producer BEAM. Interpolating is different from sampling. It involves tweaking a portion of an existing song for a fresh sound, while a sample takes directly from the track. Also, Kelis does not own her masters so Pharrell technically has the right to explore the record however he deems fit.

According to Kelis, “There are bullies and secrets and gangsters in this industry that smile and get away with it.” She’s not going for the antics and believes that she could have gotten a courtesy call to clear it. “I’m coming for what’s mine,” the frustrated singer continues. “I want reparations”

Yikes! Aside from a not-so-happy Kelis, most artists are sharing their excitement for Beyoncé’s newest project, Renaissance.

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