Explore ZAM’s Beautiful Music And Their Fresh New Album Fun Girl Vol. 1: Back To Miami

ZAM Official just dropped a stunning debut mixtape called Fun Girl Vol. 1: Back To Miami with seven uniquely beautiful songs that show how truly talented the members of ZAM are. With infectious beats and enthusiastic lyrics, the songs just take flight on their own. 

“No Reason” is ZAM’s latest single that has an irresistible charm to it. The ladies of the creative trio explore the beauty of being a woman and how much fun it can be to just “go shopping for no reason” with your girls. Mika, Goldi, and Rasti – the three pillars of ZAM Official – sing to praise their friendship and its unparalleled value.  

The group also dropped “Diamonds” and “Selfish”, two stunning singles that have gathered thousands of streams. ZAM’s music is all about the best elements of r&b and pop as they bring back the “girl band” vibe into 2022. The three girls are exceptionally hard working and committed to their music and it shows in the quality of their art as well as the numbers of streams and plays.

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