Deezy Baby 971 Returns with Blunt Force Honesty in “It Ain’t Personal”

Deezy Baby 971 Returns with Blunt Force Honesty in "It Ain't Personal"

Guadeloupean-rooted rapper Deezy Baby 971 is back with a single that packs a punch, both lyrically and thematically. “It Ain’t Personal” isn’t a love song or a party anthem; it’s a clear-eyed declaration of purpose and a warning to those who might get in his way.

The track opens with a direct address, “Listen,” before Deezy dives into a verse packed with self-assured rhymes. He references Denzel Washington’s meticulous acting style, comparing his flow to surgical precision. This confidence extends to his ambitions; he wants to be the best in the field, fueled by a love for music that transcends chasing fame.

The chorus, however, is laced with a layer of cold reality. “It Ain’t Personal,” Deezy repeats, a refrain that underscores the single’s core message. Success, for him, isn’t a popularity contest; it’s about dedication and hustle. He’s willing to cut ties with those who don’t share his work ethic, even if it means severing friendships.

The second verse delves deeper into this theme. Deezy boasts about showering his “wifey” with gifts, but also highlights her independence – she has her own business and carries a weapon. This self-reliance mirrors his own; success is a solitary pursuit, and relying on others who aren’t on the same page can hinder progress.

The later bars touch on more personal struggles. Deezy references past losses that left him emotionally scarred, but emphasizes that these experiences have fueled his determination. He paints a vivid picture of the emotional toll success can take, acknowledging the dark side of fame.

It Ain’t Personal” isn’t sunshine and rainbows. It’s a rapper laying it bare, showcasing the unwavering focus and ruthless ambition it takes to navigate the cutthroat world of hip-hop. Deezy Baby 971 isn’t here for empty gestures; he’s here to stake his claim on the throne, and “It Ain’t Personal” is a powerful opening salvo.

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