Colin Brittain Adding Spice to “Fix You” By American Teeth

American Teeth, also known as Elijah Noll, has done it again. But this time with the help of coveted producer Colin Brittain. Releasing the new track “Fix You,” the artist is slowly climbing to stardom with an all-time hit. Best known for his ability to blend lively rock songs with his raw talents seamlessly, the pop artist has become a staple among many playlists.

The new track is an accurate representation of Brittan’s unmatched talents and hue of creativity. In fact, the track “Fix You” originated with the help of Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low. While on tour, Gaskarth sent Brittain a snippet of guitar fusion which spring the beginning of a new hit. After hearing the melody, American Teeth could not help but create a demo for the track within a few hours. Gaskarth’s guitar prowess adds a noticeable melodic and instrumental control over the track.

For a trip back to the 2000s, listen to this pop/rock sensation and keep Colin Brittain on your radars.