Coi Leray Delivers Single "The One" With Sprite's Limelight Program

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Sprite Limelight Coi Leray

Source: Courtesy of Cashmere Agency / Sprite Limelight

Coi Leray released her new single “The One” with Sprite’s Limelight program. The first-of-its-kind global music program aims to shine a light on fearless artists, like Coi, who tackle adversity through their music and creativity.

Sprite Limelight is a docu-style music program featuring iconic music producer and Grammy award-winning artist James Blake. Blake created the central hook to be used by Leray and two other international trailblazing musicians, Omah Lay (Nigeria), and Hua Chenyu (China), who recorded their own unique track over it.

Through the program, Sprite looks to empower artists like Coi who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Coi Leray is proudly herself and lives by her own set of rules no matter where life or the music takes her.

Fans can take a look behind the scenes with a bold docu-style music video and immersive “Heat Confessionals” content where they share stories of overcoming their own heated moments through music.

In addition, Sprite Sprite is launching a global music program called Sprite Limelight supporting ‘Heat Happens’ this summer. Heat Happens is Sprite’s global brand narrative that’s all about keeping cool when faced with heated moments.

Last year was a hell of year for the rising talent. In the Sprite Limelight video, Coi Leray shares how quickly her career accelerated in 2021, which brought about more eyes on her work. She discusses how fans struggled trying to understand who she was personally and as an artist.

Each artist also created a personalized playlist to showcase their musical go-tos, as well as additional tracks they’ve recorded specifically for the Limelight Platform.

Check out the Sprite Limelight music film for Coi Leray’s song “The One.” Follow the singer and songwriter into the metaverse with Sprite as she navigates a virtual world inspired by her real-life musical journey.

Sprite Limelight Coi Leray

Source: Courtesy of Cashmere Agency / Sprite Limelight

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