Ciara Shares Iconic Memory From Her Wedding In ‘Level Up Radio’ Episode

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Entertainer, Ciara introduced Level Up Radio on Apple Music Hits last August. On this week’s episode of the show, Ciara introduces a new segment entitled #BTJ (Behind the Jam) where she shares stories from her personal music catalogue and dives deeper into her 2006 single “That’s Right” featuring her fellow Atlien Lil Jon. She also revealed a memory from her wedding to husband Russell Wilson where the iconic band, Earth, Wind & Fire performed.

Ciara takes fans down memory lane to the moment she married Russell in 2016. Earth, Wind & Fire blessed their ceremony with a song and this is what Ciara had to say on her show:

“All right, you guys. I’m going to keep it going again. This next song right here is another classic. Me and my husband had a sweet moment in our lives. When we got married, this group right here performed on the stage so we got the opportunity to watch them on at a special time in our lives and they jammed out. It was a massive ensemble, so many band members on the stage. Just so beautiful in time. Who am I talking about? I’m talking about Earth Wind & Fire. Yes. Every song they’ve done is a classic, and they’re all just these cool, timeless records that I think will always stand the test of time and always make you feel joy and good energy.”

What a beautiful story to share with her fans and one her children can find joy in when they’re old enough to understand just how legendary this moment was.

When Ciara takes listeners behind the jam for her song “That’s Right” in her newest segment, she shared what it felt like inside the studio at that time:

“The song that I have called “That’s Right,” featuring Lil Jon. And I’ll tell you guys, I was a little baby when I made this song. It was on my second album called The Evolution. And I just remember, I mean, literally feeling like a party in the studio, but also when I was on my music video, ran in my Jeep, my personal Jeep, me and my girls in the streets. We had some fun little moments where we were at the gas station and it was really cool because a lot of people in this video were my friends. Starting off in the beginning I always wanted to find a way to bring all my friends that have been a part of my journey. And so, you see my girls dancing with me. You see some of my friends rolling around in my car with me. I just remember the world was moving so fast for me still at that point, even though it was on my second album, it was still a lot to take in. And I just had so much fun jamming out this record and also doing this record on tour is always a party. Every time it never gets old.”

The wondrous element to music is being able to feel the emotions the artist felt while recording, and it seems like with this record Ciara and Lil Jon did a perfect job conveying that true party vibe.

Ciara, who is known for her solid rock abs three children later, shares a workout playlist featuring a mix of classics such as Lloyd, N.E.R.D., Donna Summer and new tracks from Saweetie and Dua Lipa.

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