Buzzed About Baddie Lady London Drops Kosine Produced Single ‘What Is It Giving’

It’s been a big Friday for new releases… and we’ve got another one you don’t want to miss.

Lady London is making her highly anticipated return with the release of her new single “What Is It Giving,” produced by Grammy-nominated producer Kosine.

“What Is It Giving” is available on all music-providing platforms HERE.

It’s no secret the women in hip-hop have been KILLING it and we’re confident that Lady London will continue to give what NEEDS to be given.

“What Is It Giving” is the first taste of the new & next for the rising superstar serving as her official single for 2022. She’s been known for delivering some of the freshest freestyles in the current rap landscape, some of which were included on her Lady Like: The Boss Tape project. Lady’s latest offering entices listeners with her signature braggadocious punchlines giving listeners rhythmic art at its core.

“Creating this record, I wanted a chant— one that felt comfortable enough to repeat …. while also being full of caption-worthy rhetoric. The perfect balance.”

Earlier this week, London pulled up to Hot 97 to deliver a freestyle during DJ Funkmaster Flex’s show that has since sent social media into a frenzy. Watch HERE.

Wow, what did you think of the freestyle?

How do you feel about “What Is It Giving?”

Is it a bop? Do you hear how she is spitting! The big question is if and when Lady London will be able to deliver a song that gets people going the way “Lisa’s Story” did. That jawn is over 2 milli on YouTube and counting…

Are you loving “What Is It Giving?”