Brandy Teaches Jack Harlow A 'First Class' Lesson In New Freestyle

Just a couple weeks after she went viral, singer, songwriter, actress and model Brandy is back in the headlines.

On May 11, rapper Jack Harlow was doing an interview with Hot 97 hosts Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez and Pete Rosenberg in promotion for his recently released album ‘Come Home the Kids Miss You.’ During a segment called ‘White Ish Wednesday,’ the 24-year old’s musical knowledge was tested. Everything went snmoothly until the hosts played Brandy’s ‘Angel in Disguise.’ Not only could Jack not recognize the song or the voice of he singer, he couldn’t identify her even after the hosts hinted that Ray J was her sibling.

This set the internet ablaze. Fans quickly chimed in on whether or not they thought it was out of bounds that Jack didn’t know that Brandy and Ray J were related, if he should have known the song and if the Louisville, Kentucky rapper should be in the culture.

One person we didn’t hear from right away though, was Brandy herself. That was the case until she responded to a tweet with the clip of Jack showing his cluelessness in a seemingly foreshadowing way.

Although she had that spicy response, Brandy quickly let fans know that she was having fun and that it was all love.

People always say that most jokes have a bit of truth to them. That statement turned out to be very true in this situation as Brandy actually kept her word. Wednesday (May 25) morning, Brandy’s ‘First Class Freestyle‘ was debuted on Ebro In The Morning (Yes, the same show Jack had his embarrassing moment on). You can listen to the song below.

On the one minute forty one second track, Brandy reminds us and Jack Harlow specifically who she is and why she is revered the way she is. As she reminds us of her accomplishments, she also takes aim at the ‘What’s Poppin’ rapper with numerous name flips. She mentions how her recent show ‘Queens‘ was cancelled but noted that no one could actually cancel a queen. She even jokes about how she’s tougher than her brother Ray J’s glasses. All in all, Brandy let the world know that even though she isn’t taking the situation too seriously, she is not to be played with.

Listeners took to Twitter to express their feelings on the track and the back and forth overall.

All of the chatter has been rewarding for Brandy. Amidst everything that’s going on, her 1998 album ‘Never Say Never‘ has re-entered the iTunes Top 100 R&B Albums at #80.

Be sure to let us know how you feel about Brandy’s new freestyle in the comments.