Brandy & Jack Harlow Surprise The BET Awards With A ‘First Class’ Performance

At the 2022 BET Awards last night (June 26), we seen Latto literally give the legendary Mariah Carey her flowers during her performance. Although they didn’t come in a bouquet, another legend received theirs also.

A little over a month ago, singer, songwriter, actress and model Brandy was a trending topic alongside rapper Jack Harlow. During an interview with Hot 97 hosts Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez and Pete Rosenberg, the 24-year old’s musical knowledge was tested when Brandy’s hit single ‘Angel in Disguise’ was played. Not only could Jack not recognize the song or her voice, he couldn’t identify her even after the hosts hinted that Ray J was her sibling.

The hosts said, “She had a TV show. She starred in a TV show. Her brother is the reason why a lot of people are famous you can argue. Her brother had an amazing sex tape.” Jack responded, “Who’s Ray J’s sister?” and from there, the internet went crazy. Jack was heavily criticized for being in a Black space without knowing his history.

Eventually, the viral video clip ended up getting to Brandy herself. She responded with a few tweets that foreshadowed what would come next. A week later, she debuted her ‘First Class Freestyle‘ on the same show that Jack had his embarrassing moment on. On the track, Brandy reminds us and Jack Harlow specifically who she is and why she is revered the way she is. After the song set the internet ablaze for a couple days, the situation seemingly died down and most people thought it was over.

Jack Harlow thought it would be a better idea to lay the beef conversations down for good. While performing ‘First Class,’ Jack surprised the world when he had Brandy come share the stage with him. The crowd erupted in approval as they watched Brandy spit a verse, show off her vocals and even hit a little two step with Jack. You can watch the performance below.

The same internet that criticized Jack a month ago couldn’t help but to appreciate the moment and applaud him for the gesture. Although they showed him his fair share of love, it was Brandy’s beauty and bars that people couldn’t help but discuss.

It was just one of many amazing highlights of a night that was filled with them. How did you feel about Jack and Brandy’s performance? Was it your favorite moment of the night? Would a future Brandy & Jack Harlow collab interest you? Slide into our comments and let us know!