Best You Ever Heard? Fans Debate Kendrick Lamar’s Status As Best Rapper Alive

When it comes to rapping ability, you’d be hard pressed to find many that can match those of Compton, California native Kendrick Lamar. Since his arrival on the mainstream music scene, the 14-time Grammy winner has captivated his fans with his flow, energy and storytelling ability. On top of that, he is also known for using his creative flare to highlight the many social and political issues in the world most especially in terms of the Black culture.

Whether on one of his albums or on features which he frequently kills, Kendrick’s pen always shines bright. You can tell that the 34-year old takes pride in his craft and does not half step on any verse he lays. After all of the verses we’ve heard him construct over the years, is there one that we can say stands above the rest? Was there ever one that was so ridiculously well written that you had to claim that he was the best rapper in the game? We might have found one.

In the video above, Kendrick’s verse on Pusha T’s song “Nosestalgia” is broken down. In the verse, Kendrick describes his journey during his childhood growing up in the crack epidemic. Kung Fu Kenny cleverly uses numbers to let fans know the year he was born and compares his verse to a brick of cociane. It’s how he did it that had fans showering the rapper with praise for his unqiue style and meticulous writing.

While some fans gave Kendrick his flowers for the verse, others thought it was being overanalyzed.

Do you feel like the verse is being gassed up or is it one of the best verses you’ve ever heard? Is this even your favorite Kendrick Lamar verse? If not, what is? Is Kendrick the best rapper alive? Top 5? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.