Back From The Motherland: ‘Snowfall’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Source: Joe Alblas / FX

When FX’s Snowfall returned last week, there were a couple of characters clearly missing from the fold in the first two episodes. Towards the end of season five, Leon (Isaiah John) and Wanda (Gail Bean) started to flirt with the idea of moving to Africa. It makes sense that the first time we see them this season, they’re doing exactly that. Leon and Wanda are living in Accra, Ghana enjoying themselves and the beauty of the Motherland. Although the couple seems to have adapted to living in a new place and things are going well, Leon can’t help but to think about what he left behind in Los Angeles. As he learned more and more about our people’s history, specifically slave trade, he felt obligated to correct his past mistakes (basically starting the crack epidemic) so that all of his people could hopefully have a better future. He is adamant about fixing the community back home but feels he only can do so if he’s there. While Wanda understands what Leon wants to do, she is much more hesitant as she feels like there is nothing there for her (besides the drug that nearly ruined her life). Leon expresses that she is an integral part in his life and that he needs her, so of course…they get married! Wanda and Leon have a lovely ceremony on the beach before making their way back to the States.

Upon returning home, Leon and Wanda are completely shellshocked by what they witness. The place they once called home looks almost unrecognizable due to the carnage crack has caused. Coming from the peacefulness of where they were, It is obvious that Leon and Wanda feel uncomfortable in their surroundings. Leon notices that there are a lot of people in the streets armed with guns. Einstein (Kamron Alexander) gives him and Wanda the rundown of everything they’ve missed while they were gone, which in short was Franklin (Damson Idris) and his family going to war with each other. Apparently, Jerome (Joseph Amin) and Louie (Angela Lewis) sent people to grab Franklin at his real estate office, which caused him to order a hit at Louie’s club. Einstein adds that Deon (Quincy Chad) and Kane (DeVaughn Nixon) are also involved, both having killed members of each other’s crews. The craziest thing Einstein says that he heard was that Franklin almost killed Deon while he was using the toilet.

Although Wanda told him that there was no way any of it would make sense, Leon still wanted to try and get answers for himself and wrap his head around what he had just been told. His first stop was to see Deon. The conversation was relatively short and sweet. He tells Leon that Franklin lost all of his money and that’s why he robbed Jerome and Louie’s warehouse. He claims that Franklin is crazy and jealous of him. Lastly, he lets Leon know that everything between them is all good as long as he stays in his lane. Next, Leon stops to check in with Jerome and Louie. He brought them a late wedding gift back from Africa. Leon’s gift and his plea for peace are met with a lot of resistance, especially from Jerome. Before ordering him to leave, Jerome shares his discontent with Leon up and leaving when he did and emphasizes that Leon isn’t family. Leon paid his last visit to his best friend Franklin, who has visibly been going through it. The two catch up over hamburgers. While talking, Leon shares how conversations with Avi and his time in Africa had changed his outlook on life. Franklin then breaks the unfortunate news to Leon that Avi has disappeared (we know that he’s actually dead). Leon doesn’t get a lot of time to mourn the loss before Franklin gives him an ultimatum. He tells Leon that he can either be in it and pick a side or take his wife and get out of California before it’s too late. It seems that Leon has a huge decision to make. How will it affect everyone around them?

Elsewhere in the episode, Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) is still working with the DEA. He helped them get some valuable information as they took pictures of the Louie and his drop. Even with that, the DEA still wasn’t satisfied and wanted more. Teddy (Carter Hudson) and Gustavo travel to Costa Rica to obtain Avi’s final shipment of weapons. After killing the men who handled the deal in place of Avi, Teddy ends up finding out that the Russians are trying to blow up his whole operation. For some reason, this seems right up the alley of Rubén (Alejandro Edda) but we will have to wait and see. Wanda’s return home went somewhat similar to her new husband’s. She visited her grandmother and tried to gift her a necklace. She declined the offer before closing the door in her face. One more thing to note, did Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler) and her mother seem a little too buddy buddy at the table? Should Franklin be trusting them with this kind of money involved? We will have to patiently wait and see. Drop your thoughts on the third episode of Season 6 in the comments and share your predictions for next week too!