7 Times Mary J. Blige Reminded Us That She’s The Queen Of Hip Hop Soul

For almost 30 years, Mary J. Blige has been the reigning queen of hip hop and soulful music. Despite all the trials and tribulations the Yonkers native has faced over the years, she still managed to bare her entire with every album, performance and video.

R&B and Soul artists today have Mary to thank for blazing a trail that has allowed them to be so raw and honest in their music. It’s been a long time coming for MJB. And often times we didn’t know the personal battles our Queen was enduring as she was giving us such glorious music. Especially when it came to her relationships.

Back in 2017, the Strength Of A Woman singer went through a nasty, public divorce from ex husband Kendu Isaacs. Once the divorce was finalized, she began to speak out about how she regrets giving him credit for helping end her drug addiction.

“I wanted a savior. I’d been hurting so long, and so much, and so bad. I’ve seen visions of what I would look like if I kept doing drugs,” she said. “If I saw myself almost dying, or if I almost died, or almost O.D.’d, why would I do that again? He did not deserve that credit.”

And once again, as she’s shown us the last three decades, nothing can stop the nine-time Grammy winner from bouncing back and being great. In honor of MJB’s solar return,, check out these epic performances by that proves she’ll forever be the queen of hip hop and soul.

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