7 Random Facts You May Not Know About The Late, Great Mac Miller

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Mac Miller would have turned 29 today, and fans are remembering him for his classic sounds, caring personality and loving spirit. The award-winning talent worked with legendary entertainers in the business who all remember him as a light. Fans virtually celebrate his life with videos and memories shared to social media.

Mac Miller certainly lived his life to the fullest and had many wild memories to be shared with close friends and family over the years. The Pittsburgh rapper started making music about partying and enjoying beer. He later became a philosopher of rap discussing the true inner workings of life. Today, we remember the admired rapper with 7 things you may not have known about Mac Miller.

1. He Started Smoking In Third Grade

Mac Miller tried his first cigarette in third grade. He also hit his first joint in the 5th grade. Both quite young for any child, but it explains why his music seemed ages before its’ time. The same time that he began having smoke sessions, he also started to pen his life.

2. Mac Recorded Records With NFL Players

Former New York Jets cornerback, Darrelle Revies, helped discover Mac Miller back when the football player was a star at the University of Pittsburgh. They recorded music together, and Revies recorded under the moniker Mr. Manhattan.

3. Mr. Miller Was Mr. Independent 

Miller had his own apartment in high school. The rapper’s grandfather died when he was still in school and he inherited enough money to get his own place. His apartment became recording grounds for some of his first major records.

4. Earl Sweatshirt Made Beats At His House

Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt would often stop by Mac Miller’s LA home to create beats. Miller was known for his massive house parties in the hills, but he also had elite musical equipment there for his famous creative friends to enjoy.

5. He Made A Way Out of No Way

Miller sold weed as a means to pay for studio time when he first started off as an artist. He said that he was awful at it, but it made a way for him to pursue his dreams of becoming a well-known rapper.

6. One Night In Jail

Miller was no criminal, just a music-loving creative with a tough upbringing. He was, however, arrested once on possession in New York State while on tour and had to sleep overnight in jail there.

7. Self-Taught 

Mac Miller was a self-taught musician playing piano, guitar, drums and bass by the age of six years old. He started rapping at the age of fourteen and before that, he wanted to become a singer. He originally went by the stage name Easy Mac before establishing himself as Mac Miller in 2009.