50 Cent Adds New Dates To World Tour; Reveals Plans For Africa & India

50 Cent sent fans into a frenzy when he announced his Final Lap global tour with Live Nation, marking the first time he has done a full tour in North America in over a decade. This has been reflected in the early sales of tickets, with 500k sold in seven days.

Now, the rapper has made another massive announcement in line with the previous one.

He has added second dates in locations like London, Brooklyn, Toronto and more with brand new dates in a few places too. You can see an outline of all of the new information below. In addition to this, 50 has also teased that he might be stepping into a couple of extra continents on the same tour. “I gotta get back to Africa and India” he said in a rare Instagram Live video. 50’s one of the biggest rappers outside of North America so this would go down crazy too. Check out the reveal below.

In case you missed it, recently Eladio Carrión and 50 dropped a video for their ‘Si Salimos’ collab that you can watch here.

2nd Dates Added:
Aug 1 – Montreal, QC
Aug 10 – Brooklyn, NY
Sept 22 – Toronto, ON
Oct 10 – Riga, LV
Nov 7 – Dublin, IE
Nov 15 – Manchester, UK
Nov 17 – London, UK

New Dates:
Sept 19 – Baltimore, MD
Sept 20 – Holmdel, NJ
Nov 18 – Newcastle, UK