10 Fun Facts To Know Artist on the Rise Saucy Santana

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Saucy Santana is not next up, because the Florida rapper has indeed arrived. Check out a gallery of 10 fun facts to know artist on the rise, Saucy Santana, inside.  June continues our Black Music Month and Pride Month celebration, so it is only right to feature the hottest out right now. Check out a gallery of 10 fun facts to know artist on the rise, Saucy Santana, inside.

Most recently named as one of XXL’s 2022 Freshman Class artists, Saucy Santana is literally breaking the mold. Hip Hop is not recognized for representing the LGBTQ+ community in its inception and progression. Since artists like Santana have taken over the predominantly heterosexual genre, more artists are feeling empowered to create their own music unapologetically. It is a liberating moment in time for the rap community, where everyone’s voices can be heard and each artist has a platform to do so.

As for Saucy Santana, he is dominating the music industry with continuous viral hits. The original Material Gworlll has recently appeared on several magazine covers including Teen Vogue. While some fans may be upset at his rise to stardom, rest assured Saucy Santana could care less.

The famed artist is more than the music. He has lived several lives, appearing on the scene as a makeup artist for his friends and fellow Miami rappers the City Girls. Saucy Santana is an interesting artist with an innate knack for music that fans can’t help but love him forever. He is creating space in an industry that does not want to see him succeed. Santana has already broken barriers by signing a record deal to RCA Records last month.

Get to know your new favorite artist on the rise Saucy Santana with 10 fun facts below:

1. How Should We Address Saucy Santana?

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Santana’s pronouns are he/him. Many people may be confused about his gender identification and pronouns because he doesn’t dress like a traditional rapper. No need to be misinformed by his choice of heels, nails and makeup. 

2. Florida Is Home

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He was born in Connecticut and moved to a town outside of Tallahassee at 10 years old. Saucy represents for the people of Florida and calls it home. 

3. Been Connected

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Before rap, he was a makeup artist for the City Girls. He was connected to the music industry before becoming a star on the rise. 

 He started off by working as a makeup artist for the Florida-based rap duo City Girls. “Initially, I was a makeup artist just in general,” the musician explained to Nylon. “I had my own boutique. I used to do makeup, sell hair extensions, sell girl clothes and accessories and things like that in Perry, Florida.” After a while, he moved to Tallahassee, as it was a “bigger market,” according to him, and he continued to do the makeup for City Girls when they had shows in the area.

4. Why Rap?

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 He only started rapping so his podcast could have a theme song. Santana’s intention when recording a song wasn’t to become the biggest artist out right now. 

In a video interview with Genius, he explained how he got his start as a rapper. 

“Me and my friends had a podcast that we used to do on Facebook, and we was like, ‘We need to do an intro song so that when we do the podcast, the little song plays in the beginning.’ Out of everybody that had a verse, my verse hit the strongest.”

And, the rest is history. 

5. Viral Hit After Hit

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Saucy Santana found fame after releasing “Walk Em Like A Dog” in August 2019 on SoundCloud, which he originally recorded on a phone. 

6. A Reality Star

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He appeared on four episodes of Love and Hip Hop. 

7. Loud & Proud

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Saucy came out when he was 17 years old. He admits that even before coming out to his close friends and family, he wore girly clothes, purses and even make up. He says he didn’t care what people thought of him.

8. Musical Inspirations

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His inspirations are fellow Florida rappers, Jackie, Khia and Trina, who are now fans of his music and movement. Trina often comments flame emojis under his posts.

His all time favorite artist is Gucci Mane and he proudly knows every Guwop song ever released.

9. Addicted to Chanel

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He has an addiction to Chanel bags. Honestly, it may be designer bags overall but particularly Chanel.

10. Why Saucy Santana?

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His stage name was given to him by boys from his neighborhood. He said they refer to him as Santana. While his cousin always referred to his looks as saucy, so he decided to combine both. Hence, the Saucy Santana.