Zeds Dead Release 'late night drive' On New Label Altered States – FUXWITHIT

‘late night drive’ is the first glimpse into Zeds Dead’s new label Altered States.

Zeds Dead started their first label, Deadbeats, and brought so many interesting artists and creatives in electronic music to the forefront. Now, fives years later, the duo are launching their new brand Altered States label which will explore electronic, chill and downtempo sounds. The first project on this new trajectory, Catching Z’s will be a 13-track mixtape of completely original music from the duo and ‘late night drive’ is the lead single off this exciting new enterprise.

Zeds Dead spin out ‘late night drive’ by letting it sprawl out and up to the four minute mark at a leisurely pace- there’s nothing that is rushed on this track. Out of the gate, with a clip of an old-timey vocal that asks “Say, don’t you think it’s strange…” the nostalgia hits hard. As the vocal fades out, the piano fades in with an eerie tension in its melody. The track builds in complexity, adding in the pulse of a kick drum and snares, and wisps of synths and vocals curve together in the background.  As the layers languidly bleed together, a plume of bass rises among them. With each build up and deliberate drop, the bass throbs brightly against the shimmering synths; it’s almost like the sound was made for a reinterpretation of a classic ballet as its easy to see the sway and bow of dancers to the theatrical rhythms.

What this all adds up to is a dramatic, electronic soundscape that expresses the emotion of driving down a familiar road, on your way home, through a crisp night; it glides and simmers, but always feels steady. It feels impressionistic and sharp, like smell that ignites a memory you did not know you had.

Will this new sounds be what Zeds Dead’s fans have been waiting for? Have a listen for yourself below.

Zeds Dead · late night drive