Zeds Dead Float Through Listener's Dreams With Their 'Catching Z's (Remixes)' – FUXWITHIT

For many years, one of the main staples for Zeds Dead has always been their ‘Catching Z’s’ installments. Containing some of the most chilled out and vibe-filled pleasures for the ears. Casting a calm and welcoming shadow on not only their art, but other heavy-hitting musicians as well. Giving them a true time to shine. But fast forward to 2021, where not only did they start their own chilled out label called Altered States, but they also released a timeless mixtape called Catching Z’s! A thirteen-piece work of art honoring the whole series in general while showcasing incredible and jaw-dropping new music. It’s easy to say fans from all over were ecstatic and covered in joy!

And now to push the vision and relaxing movement further, they’ve recruited a couple of incredible up-and-coming musicians to help remix notable tracks off the Catching Z’s mixtape! Artists such as IMANU, Quiet Bison, Pocket and even A-BO have all chimed in to take on this beautiful challenge. To evolve as creatives as well as paying homage to Zeds Dead’s life-changing mixes. So prepare to find surprises lurking around every corner. You won’t be expecting what’s to come!

The Catching Z’s (Remixes) is a pleasant fever dream come to life. A calm ocean flowing with bright and brilliant tones and rhythms. But what can fans expect through this soothing journey of sound? First up, Zeds Dead included an acoustic version of their notable track, ‘i think you’re cool’ featuring Jenna Pemkowski. Her light and airy vocals can fill any empty garden with pure flora. Letting off pure peace all around.

Then next up, we receive a truly unexpected collaboration remix. IMANU and Quiet Bison take the stage with their own bonded creation. If you love deep atmospheres and playful sound design, this one is right up your alley. Flipping the original into a glitchy house wonderland was nothing but genius and such a smart route to take. It really shines a light on both artists capabilities through somber tones. A plausible and enticing performance from both icons!

Right after, nonother than Pocket takes a shot at remixing the intoxicating original. But what’s so unique about this one is his flexibility within the spectrum. Taking the arrangement into his own hands, and giving it his own special and iconic flip. From a house-based section bringing trippy emotions to the mind, to a complete switch to a future garage paradise within the second chorus! Really taking you off guard and slapping a complete smile on your face. You’ll feel like you’re floating through the clouds within your own hallucination. Embracing every second of life to the fullest. Bravo on this one.

Finally, to end things on a very high note, A-BO jumps into the mix to bless our ears with his remix of ‘lost birds’ featuring Elliot Moss! With the original being relaxed and laid back, you won’t know what the artist will surprise you with. But hearing just the first second, you already know it’s going to be a good time. Transporting the audience onto an open rooftop looking over a glistening city in the night, the producer hits us with a funky house arrangement, blissful chord creations, and a wavy bass line. Working together to commemorate Zeds Dead’s impact on electronic music as well as his journey through time. It’s a remix you’ll no doubt have on repeat for years to come. Bringing nothing but positive and healing energy to anyone who comes in contact. A perfect way to conclude this EP.

Zeds Dead continue to change and push the scene into higher territories. Recognizing the current talent as well as paying respects to the underground. We’re stoked to hear where everyone goes next! But for now, make sure to go support these hard workers by streaming The Catching Z’s (Remixes) everywhere via Altered States!

Zeds Dead · Catching Z’s Remixes