Young Thug Trial Witness Testifies That “Lifestyle” Track Is A “Banger”

A viral clip finds a witness at Young Thug, legal name Jeffery Williams, and his codefendants’ RICO trial sharing his fondness of the rapper’s music on the record. According to Complex, Ira Singleton, a former Hertz rental car employee who lives in Atlanta, was called to the stand to testify about a 2014 Infiniti Q50 Sedan that Thug allegedly used in the murder of “rival gang member” Donovon Thomas Jr.

During cross-examination, Young Thug’s lawyers questioned Singleton about his awareness of the chart-topping rapper. In the back-and-forth, he reveals his connection to Thugger is limited to fandom.

“Personally? No,” Singleton explained when asked if he knew Young Thug. “Wait, hold on. Can I go back?… I didn’t know Jeffrey Williams by that name. I knew Young Thug, yes.”

He continued, “‘Lifestyle’ had just dropped,” adding, “Everybody knew that song. Banger.”

Young Thug has remained behind bars for over two years after being accused of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) activity. According to Billboard, the trial which began six months ago projected to end near the end of this year, the proceedings are already the longest in Georgia’s history. Charges include conspiracy to violate RICO, participation in criminal street gang activity, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, and possession of a machine gun.

Defense attorneys such as Doug Weinstein, who represents one of Young Thug’s codefendants rapper Yak Gotti, expressed frustration with the trial by jury process.

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“I’ve been practicing for over 25 years, most of that time in federal court. I’ve been involved in significant civil cases, for example, involving up to a dozen or more [corporate] defendants,” Weinstein detailed to the outlet. “I’ve never seen any case like [this]. I’ve never seen any case drag out for this expected length of time.” The defense attorney said he believes the state’s witness testimony has become “duplicative” and “unnecessary.” He estimates the state’s case is “going to drag well into 2025.”

Throughout the ordeal, the “Digits” performer has received support from his current romantic partner Mariah The Scientist, Drake, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Killer Mike, and more. Recently, T.I. shared his thoughts that his frequent collaborator would be found not guilty.

“He’s coming home,” proclaimed the KING performer. “I don’t think that the prosecution has successfully proven a case of him knowingly and willingly participating in an active street gang.

He continued to detail, “I don’t think that the witnesses they’ve called thus far have proven what they said they would prove.”