You Won’t Believe What This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Guessed In New Viral Clip

On an episode of Wheel of Fortune which aired Thursday (May 23), a contestant named Tavaris went viral after he gave a shocking guess to a commonly used phrase. Tavaris was only a few letters away from solving the puzzle when he blurted out something not so common, leaving the other two participants floored.

With eight letters remaining on the board to complete the four-word phrase, Tavaris hit his buzzer with the answer. “Right in the butt!” which was incorrect.

Catching Pat Sajak and the other contestants off-guard, one lady named Tina exclaimed, “What!?” as Sajak declared, “No.” The entire studio audience was left laughing in disbelief.

See below.

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Maybe Tavaris’ answer would’ve worked if it wasn’t obvious that the letters in his phrase didn’t amount to the letters on the board. The first word in the phrase clearly had four letters and “Right” has five. Also the letter “T” had already been revealed, so clearly there were no more “T’s” available, as it is found in the word “butt.”

The correct answer was revealed to be: “This is the best,” which contestant Blake called out, leading her to the win. Tavaris was left looking embarrassed by his outburst.

“I apologize, Pat. I was a little excited,” he explained as the host responded, “We’ll figure out a way to handle that tastefully. I have no idea what that’ll be, but…”

Another funny Wheel of Fortune incident took place when Snoop Dogg appeared on the celebrity edition of the long-running TV game show, alongside Amanda Seales and Mark Duplass.

The West Coast icon gave a particularly hilarious answer while attempting to solve a puzzle asking “What are you doing?” In an attempt to solve, Snoop blurted out “Baking onions,” instead of “baking brownies” in a category that was tailored just for the marijuana connoisseur. “Martha’s gonna be disappointed,” said Duplass in regards to his close relationship with TV collaborator Martha Stewart. “Martha’s gonna be upset.”

Snoop kept the audience and participants dying of laughter when he answered in the “Person” category with “toilet atlas.” Leaving everyone puzzled, the correct answer happened to be “talented artist.” 

The 50-year-old gave even funnier answers with “Swallowing the knot” instead of “Sweetening the pot” and “airport teacher” instead of “acting teacher.” He finally got it right during “rhyme time” when he solved the puzzle for “Sun’s out, bun’s out.”

See the hilarious clip below.