yojas. and We Rose Go On A Release Rampage With Three New Tracks – FUXWITHIT

In a community where there is a steady stream of releases and artists on the rise, sometimes it becomes necessary to stop and give credit where its due. With his sheer amount of dedication, persistence, growth and momentum, yojas. is the man of the hour today. An artist FUXWITHIT has followed for over a year now and has yet to do anything short of impressive. Diving back into his FUXWITHIT history, he first appeared on our radar in the final Focus Five of 2018. In this we highlighted his track with Quality Goods Records, ‘Apathetic,’ in which we took immediate note of his punchy samples and fusion of simplicity with purposeful sound design. This is something yojas has stayed true to while constantly pushing the trap sound agenda. In addition to this consistency, there is a collaboration connection that none of us could have been prepared for. The connection with We Rose first appeared in the form of ‘showme.’, a future trap package that was not expected, but very much needed. Now in the matter of a few days they have blessed our ears with not one, not two, but three brand new collaborations together.

The first of these to be released being ‘chopped’ where we are introduced to the first episode in the series. A steady intro that feels inviting yet leaves you asking what is about to happen. As the track grows we reach the peak where the classic “Yah yeet” yojas sample can be heard before being tossed around in a bounce house that has no exit. The cooperation between the frenzy of samples makes this one impossible to stop listening to. Grab a free download here.

In the second episode we are introduced to ‘rich.’ where they waste no time getting straight to the point. A quick intro rapidly raises the energy levels and is soon met with a thunderous “WHAT!?” sample. This track leaves a lot more open space available which provides a heavier lean as a result. The distorted vocals will have you wanting to go for a late night drive, grip the steering wheel with one hand and lean your seat back all the way. Grab that download for this one here !

In the final episode they provide ‘p.e.d’s.’ which feels like a love child between the previously mentioned tracks. A perfect marriage of classic gritty trap and a heavy lean incorporated. The simplicity in its arrangement allows for all of the elements to shine and be properly presented, yet a level of complex sound design still exists.

From tuning into the We Rose stream recently, it appears there are plenty more where these came from. If anymore will be released from the vaults is a question we don’t yet have the answer to. In the meantime give these three tracks the attention they deserve.