yojas. And sajoy. Serenate The Underworld With 'why.' And 'baby.' – FUXWITHIT

Heavy hitter yojas. and his melodic alias sajoy. are back with some grade-A heat! Cooking up a streak of gems, his talent keeps showing different and unique styles to his art. From gritty trap music, to atmospheric pleasures, there’s no telling what you’ll experience next. The flexible and adaptable production is proven to be some of the highest in the game. With each release, fans want more and more. Coming back and being surprised once again. The yojas. project has shown countless amounts of disgusting and hard-hitting sound design and arrangements. Nasty bass leads, whimsical sample selections and more. It’s very hard to find a track you won’t find appealing to the ears. As for his sajoy. side, he takes those similar techniques and translates them to a more melodic and lush discography. Filled with peaceful chords, melodies and much more.

‘why.’ is a classic yojas. track with even more personality. The fun and easy-going arrangement can please listeners and turn their frowns into instant smiles. Leaving them automatic admirers. The mid-pitched lead is nothing but satisfying. And incorporating a catchy vocal carries the track into new dimensions. Not to mention how clean the drums and overall atmosphere are. Honoring his past and present work. He’s managed to create a full thought-out signature style of his own. You’ll just know you’re hearing one of his pieces by only the first few seconds.

‘baby.’ is an elegant hug of fresh energy. Starting off with a sampled record, sajoy. jumps in to open up a brand new space for it. From fulfilling drum elements, to a beautiful bass line, the artist combines all parts in a colorful and peaceful fashion. Making every puzzle piece fit into their own pocket. Ready to be shown to the world. And incorporating the chopped-up record sample creates a nice flowing stream of bliss to the second portion. Taking us to the end, he slowly eases down the vibe by reducing the track’s speed. Creating a lo-fi style spectrum. A great path to take to end things on a high note.

We highly suggest checking out both projects and see what you’ve been missing. We’re excited to hear what’s next.