Yes, It's Actually Possible To Search Songs By Label On Spotify – FUXWITHIT

How many times have you opened Spotify wanting to listen to the catalog of your favorite label, but found yourself in a limbo? In the best scenario, the label in question has diligently created its own playlist, and that was it. Easy game. In many other cases, however, you’ve probably found yourself having to manually add individual tracks to the queue or, simply, you have given up. Apparently, the solution to this widespread problem has always been there. It just wasn’t well known (to put it mildly). Thankfully for us, a couple of days ago bass producer Computa has come to our rescue and shared the simple solution on Twitter.

As you can see, it’s not actually an official feature but an advanced search option (you can find more of them on Spotify’s support page here) that allows us to easily find music released by the label matching keyword. Some users claim this option doesn’t actually work with every label, but all the tests I’ve made so far were successful. The most ironic thing about this is not that it isn’t an official feature yet, but the fact that this option has been there for a while under our noses without many (I think most) of us ignoring its existence. Is it our fault that we don’t take the time to properly know a tool we use every day? Maybe, but a little promotion wouldn’t hurt.