XAVAGE Is Here To Give Us The 'Funk' – FUXWITHIT

When a song is just made for you… you just know—and XAVAGE definitely delivered by combining my true loves: trap and funk. The artist has been busting out bangers on massive labels like Quality Goods Records and Elysian Records, but you can find this newest release on all platforms via TrapCity and Far East Movement’s BrednButter.

This track is by far the most forward thinking song I’ve put out. The root of all my music stems from groove and no genre of music does that better than funk. I released a teaser and was astonished by how much support it got. It makes me really happy to see that there is an audience for trap music that is focused on groove rather than aggression. Grateful to get funky with y’all.


He’s not wrong. After hearing the teaser, I immediately asked XAVAGE to send it over and I was not disappointed. ‘FUNK’ teases us with a quintessential trap build only to funk us up at the drop. The producer effortlessly blends elements of the two genres to make an innovative and hypnotic tune. Utilizing horns and electric guitar to really put emphasis on its funk influence, XAVAGE invites us to a psychedelic party that you just can’t miss.

If it’s that funk you want, then it’s that funk you’ll get. Listen to with XAVAGE – ‘Funk’ below.