WRCKTNGL And M!NGO’s Classic ‘Control’ Has Finally Been Released

If you’re an Eric Prydz fan you’ll probably be used to lost dubs, but in the bass scene, it’s not that common to see a song resurfacing and being officially released years after its first appearance. Of course, there’ve been some cases, the most popular being ‘Supersonic‘ by Noisia and Skrillex, (the most recent instead involves Space Laces and his fan-favorite anthem ‘Disco Bloodbath’), but they are the classic exceptions that confirm the rule. As of last week, we can count a new member in this restricted club: ‘Control’ by US producers WRCKTNGL and M!NGO.

This title might not be as infamous as the previous examples, but in the wave community it enjoys an almost legendary status. I pride myself on being a wave disciple for several years now, but when ‘Control’ was first played, I didn’t even know that such a wonderful genre existed. We have to go back 6 years and the place to be was Plastician’s legendary Rinse.FM mix. To give a couple of more references, the track made a cameo in episode two of the vibe.digital’s podcast (in 2021 they celebrated the 100th installment) and I still had yet to join the FUXWITHIT team.

Feel old yet? However, ‘Control’ doesn’t seem to be affected by this gap as it retains all the charm of the early days of wave. Timeless, it stands like a cliff on which the tide of time has no power. Let me be clear, this is not a nostalgic celebration of the “good old times” nor an epitaph of the contemporary scene. WRCKTNGL and M!NGO can bring veterans of the scene on a trip down to memory lane but at the same time, they’re also capable of bewitching the new generation of listeners. In all honesty, how can you not feel cradled by the chest-pounding kicks and a subby reese bass? How can you resist the seductive and hypnotic charm of those icy leads and vocal chops? With its simplicity, ‘Control’ makes its way through the daily noise and carves out its space in the spotlight, demonstrating that vibe.digital was right to drop this ace up its sleeve.

Stream ‘Control’ below on or your favorite platform here.