‘Who TF Did I Marry’ TikTok Quickly Turned Into Low-Budget Movie, Here’s The Trailer You Didn’t Ask For

Tareasa “Reesa Teesa” Johnson is on the rise following the popularity of her 50-part TikTok series, Who TF Did I Marry? She’s even discussed the possibility of turning her story into a film, but it appears she’s been beaten to the punch.

Alvin Gray’s 9/10 Productions has produced a low-budget flick titled The Wife That Didn’t Know Who She Married, dropping a trailer for the movie on YouTube. The preview takes several plot points from Johnson’s original TikTok story in an effort to capitalize off of its popularity. At one point, protagonist “Tessa” asks another character straight up, “Who the f**k did I marry?” Check out the trailer below.

[embedded content]

The production company behind the film also produced their take on Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez’s 2020 shooting incident and subsequent trial with The Rapper Who Got Shot in the Heel.

The real Reesa Teesa recently signed a deal with CAA for representation, announcing the news last week.

“I am excited to join the CAA family in what has become an extraordinary and life-changing opportunity. I hope to bring this story and personal experiences to an even bigger platform with the hope of helping those in similar circumstances know they are not alone,” said Johnson, 39, in a statement.

When it comes to giving her followers her own version of events, she reportedly has had meetings with networks and production companies about adapting her series for film/TV, adding that she’d love to be played Jill Scott, Natasha Rothwell, or Danielle Pinnock.