Wenzday And Capozzi Shine Some 'Bright Lights' Over The Underground – FUXWITHIT

Showing some true love for the culture is none other than Wenzday and Capozzi. Their newest single, ‘Bright Lights’ will have you dancing non-stop until the rise of dawn. And this time, they’ve called upon another great staple. Lil Debbie is back to spread her impactful and hyped up vocals. Bringing the whole collaboration together. Known for their addictive atmosphere and groove, their talents have helped skyrocket their appearances into the spotlight. With each track holding game-changing characteristics, their energy is definitely unmatched. Especially when it comes to this collaboration. And having this released on CONFESSION is an even bigger push for greatness for the dynamic duo. A perfect home for a certified house classic. Containing a major amount of grit and attitude, these legends never fail to impress their audiences and peers. So strap on those dancing shoes because you won’t want to miss out on this one.

‘Bright Lights’ is a spirited force of frequency. Each section has its own feel and personality to it. From a high-level bass lead, to some rapid-flowing percussion to help it all flow, these two really gave it their all. Never backing down. And incorporating Lil Debbie’s vocals to serve as a lead itself was genius. Her range of life really tied it into something truly memorable. No matter where you are, turning this track on is an instant party starter. They all really honored the CONFESSION label to the highest. This piece really takes you back to those beautiful festival and club moments. Dancing and sharing good memories with everyone around you. Which makes this music special in such a different way. They completely nailed it, to say the least.

Wenzday and Capozzi are true leaders within the industry. The power they incorporate into their works of art pushes the scene into new territories. Inspiring many women artists everywhere. A movement that needs to be pushed farther than ever before. Definitely check out more of their work. And make sure to go support their vision by streaming ‘Bright Lights’ everywhere.

CONFESSION · Wenzday & Capozzi – Bright Lights (feat. Lil Debbie)