wasteurself Drops Heavy Heater ‘Wayback’ – FUXWITHIT

This week, wasteurself is back and better than ever. His brand new track ‘Wayback’ has just dropped and you won’t want to sleep on this one. wasteurself has always been consistent with bringing fresh new sounds and rhythms to the table. He’s even released on numerous labels such as A 40oz Records, Dont Die At Work, Sub.Terranean and more. The artist’s discography also includes collaborations with producers such as GURF, Untitld and Raucous. His music helps to ensure electronic music will forever thrive and evolve.

The track opens up with a beautiful set of airy synths along with a nice organic drum pattern in the form of a buildup. Right after, he introduces himself with his classic deep and heavy bass design. The grimey and distorted 808 will completely knock your socks off. He even includes the ‘Wayback’ vocal sample to complement the rhythm that much more.

The second chorus changes up with a slower but impactful rhythm that leaves that same vocal sample as the main attraction. Between every section lies that same kind of vibe and feeling as we heard in the introduction with that luscious pad. To wrap it all up, he really plays around with that bass design to create a fast and shooting effect during the finale . It’ll leave you wanting much more.

Overall, if you want to light up your week with a heavy and hard-hitting song, then this one is definitely for you. We’re all very excited to see and hear what’s next for him. For now, go show your support by streaming ‘Wayback’ on your favourite streaming platform. We’ll continue to update you on any more exciting news in the future.

Words by John Donahue