Viral Video Shows Woman Declaring “This Is George Floyd” During Plane Arrest

A woman being arrested after displaying erratic behavior is going viral for her words and actions. In clips shared on TikTok, she is approached by law enforcement, who attempt to get her to exit a Spirit Airlines flight. The videos do not show what led to the outburst.

“Why did you do that to me?” she asks the officers as they deliver a “final warning” requesting she deplane. According to TMZ, the incident happened last month on a flight departing from Las Vegas.

She continues to explain “I will walk out on my own,” as law enforcement attempts to grab her wrists and remove her from the flight. Her outburst continues, “Can I do that with freedom? All I care about is freedom.”

After being told she was being arrested, she dramatically proclaims “I’ve been there before, I’m not scared. I’ve f**king been there before…You’re hurting me, sheriff [screams]…Why are you touching my leg? I can’t breathe. this is George Floyd.”

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The airline has not made a public statement regarding the events that led to the woman’s arrest. Additional clips captured from the moment highlight the other passenger’s disappointment as the situation resulted in the entire flight needing to clear out.

“My ankle hurts from my nephew crossing me over,” the woman yells. “I can go myself, I just need y’all to give me some space.”

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Earlier this year, Spirit Airlines announced a planned merger with JetBlue Airways Corporation was terminated by mutual agreement.  

“After discussing our options with our advisors and JetBlue, we concluded that current regulatory obstacles will not permit us to close this transaction in a timely fashion under the merger agreement,” explained Ted Christie, Spirit’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We are disappointed we cannot move forward with a deal that would save hundreds of millions for consumers and create a real challenger to the dominant ‘Big 4’ U.S. airlines. However, we remain confident in our future as a successful independent airline. We wish the JetBlue team well.”